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Hello, my name is Feliks Marciniak. In designing I appreciate unforced brilliance and clear form. For me the most interesting stage of design process is the moment when you catch the idea. I worked for couple of branding agencies where I was creating elements of visual communication for brands. Privately I like street art and painting, created without any brief, straight from the heart. Now I’m an independent painter and designer.

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Felix’s Marciniak painting experience is based on simple visual means which are appropriate for related fields such as graphic design and monumental graffiti. The work carried out on the canvas is characterized by clarity, purity and precision. For the author image is an object whose surface and edges are subject to careful work out. The basics of form are: character, linearity, and color placed flat. The most commonly used design solutions are central and axial composition. In many paintings the natural structure of the linen is deliberately exploited. The line is sometimes used to create not always fully readable text functioning on a par with other elements of the form. Stylistically, the works are suspended between the figurative and the abstract, in such a way that both of these features accordingto co-exist. In the wall projects, using the same means as in the paintings, Felix tries to respond to the present situation.

Taking into account the details of the ‘found’ rooms enriches his own compositions with additional dimensions, both in terms of verbal as well as in their physical spatiality. The author seems to strive to create type of ‘side-specific’ work, structurally related to the base in a particular location.

Ryszard Woźniak / Prof.UZ, Painter
Warsaw 18.10.2010




2014  Eichenkrug, DE, Nienwalde
2014  Fundacja Salony, PL, Zielona Góra
2008  F13 Gallery, PL,  Zielona Góra


2012  Hala stulecia, PL, Wroclaw
2011  Art Biennale, PL, Wroclaw
2009  Bochenska Gallery, PL, Warsaw
2008  BWA, PL, Zielona Góra


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